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Social Housing Complex in Ovča Phase 2

22. 11. 2017

Complete technical documentation for construction of social housing complex in Ovča, Phase 2 was prepared by the Institute of Transportation CIP in 2015.

Conceptual urban design of social housing complex in Ovča for residential and commercial purposes represents modern approach to space treatment and can be considered as the basis for sustainable communication and coordination of all city development factors. From the very start of design process the idea was to arrive at functional, achievable and compact urban-architectural concept.

The complex consists of four multi-family buildings with ground floor and four storeys, totalling 235 apartments of 10,300 m2 net area.

The buildings were designed based on the model of two different architectural complexes. There are two gallery-type buildings and two corridor-type buildings with apartments of different structures, from studio apartments to three-room apartments. The designers were guided by the idea to enable affordable apartments and comfort to future tenants.

After construction of buildings and completion of this Project this part of Belgrade will be liven up. Thanks to Pupin Bridge and other communications it will be well connected to other parts of the city.

The Project also envisages 26 apartments for disabled persons. In addition to apartments, the buildings include welfare facilities - daily rooms for mentally challenged persons.

The apartments will be provided with all necessary installations. There is a plan to use alternative energy sources - geothermal energy for heating purposes.

Land between buildings is converted to park areas with playgrounds.

The works have started in September 2016 and the Institute of Transportation CIP was engaged for project management and supervision of works.