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Design for reconstruction of tramway tracks, pavement and sidewalks at Slavija Square and designs for reconstruction of Nemanjina Street from Kralja Milutina Street to Svetozara Markovića Street with related infrastructure and reconstruction of Oslobođenja Boulevard with related infrastructure

16. 11. 2017

The Design for reconstruction of Slavija Square includes the civil works on reconstruction of tramway tracks, pavement and sidewalks, relocation of trolley, bus and tramway stops from Slavija Square, reconstruction works on the section of Kralja Milutina Street between Nemanjina Street and Kralja Milana Street, reconstruction of overhead catenary system, water supply system, hot water heating system and lighting system, relocation and protection of existing utilities, reconstruction of electrical installations and installation of appropriate traffic signalization and equipment.

New traffic design concept of Slavija Square will be greatly relieved thanks to three traffic lanes in the roundabout, each 3.75 m wide. In addition, the design envisaged two separate lanes for public transport vehicles, each 3.5 m wide with tramway lane along the inner edge i.e. closer to the roundabout.

The existing central traffic island is retained with smaller radius. Separate traffic lanes for direct movement of vehicles from Nemanjina Street to Oslobođenja Boulevard and from Mekenzijeva Street to Beogradska Street are evident novelties in Slavija Square. In addition, a separated lane for public transport vehicles so-called "yellow lane" was designed on the section of Kralja Milana Street between Kralja Milutina Street and Slavija roundabout.

Tramway tracks from Oslobođenja Boulevard and Nemanjina Street are connected to circular tramway track in the public transport lane, 247.92 m long. The old tramway structure is replaced with new one, which is built fully in compliance with the most recent standards and provided with rubber chamber filling elements placed against rail sides to ensure electrical insulation of the system and reduction of noise and vibrations.

The existing trolley and bus stop is relocated from the roundabout to Kralja Milana Street just in front of entry to Slavija roundabout. Moreover, a tram stop in Nemanjina Street is relocated to tramway track section between Svetozara Markovića and Kralja Milutina Streets.

Passenger information displays shall be installed at 4 stops in Nemanjina Street, 2 stops in Kralja Milana Street and 4 stops in Oslobođenja Boulevard. Pedestrian railings shall be placed along the tramway stop in Nemanjina Street and in all zones of former pedestrian crossings at entry points to Slavija roundabout to improve pedestrian safety.

According to new design concept, traffic lights shall be installed at two new intersections - the intersection of Kralja Milana and Nemanjina Streets and the intersection of Kralja Milutina and Kralja Milana Streets, which will be coordinated with other intersections controlled by traffic lights on this section.

The reconstruction design also includes the section of Kralja Milutina Street between Nemanjina Street and Kralja Milana Street in the length of 110 m intended for movement of vehicles and pedestrians. This street section is paved with stone blocks.

Strips for blind and visually impaired persons are visibly separated along sidewalks to enable easy movement and connections to all target destinations (bus stops and similar). Two-way cycle tracks are also designed on Slavija Square as a part of sidewalks with stone block paving.

Gantries and half-gantries carrying cameras are installed on all approaches to Slavija Square to record entry/exit vehicles in each lane and surrounding conditions.

Design for reconstruction of Oslobođenja Boulevard includes paving of pedestrian communications - sidewalks, parking areas and public transport stops with vibro-pressed decorative and tactile slabs for guiding and safer movement of visually impaired persons as well as construction of cycle tracks as a part of right sidewalk starting from Slavija Square to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Oslobođenja Boulevard was designed with 3.20 m wide tram track area and four 2.85 m wide traffic lanes instead of former three lanes. Adaptable traffic control system was envisaged on this section of Oslobođenja Boulevard.

Soft landscaping plan is made to match natural conditions, features and use of the location and facilities in the vicinity and is an extension of spatial concept.

Works on full reconstruction of the plateau extending from Slavija Square to Kralja Milutina Street i.e. to the building of the National Bank of Serbia performed in accordance with the Institute of Transportation CIP's design are in the final stage.