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Final design for conversion of the existing solid-fuel boiler house with steam boilers to hot-water boilers for the building of OJ ZOVS Lajkovac

Realization: 2007

The existing boiler house is provided with two solid-fuel locomotive boilers that produce saturated steam of 6,024 bar pressure and 159°C temperature. The capacity of each boiler is 2,205 kW. Due to reduced need for heat energy the existing steam boiler shall be replaced with two solid-fuel hot-water boilers. 

The new design envisages dismantling of the existing steam installation and the heat source will be new solid-fuel hot-water boilers, each of 750 kW, which can work individually and together. The newly designed boilers are connected to the existing hot water distributing manifold and collector which position will not be changed. Smoke gases will be extracted through new single-liner steel chimney of Ø800 mm clear opening, 20 m high.