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Report for the "Serbian Railways Reform Project", Procurement of rolling stock" required by the financial arrangement with the World Bank

Realization: 2008

The report deals with the possible procurement of new multi-purpose electric locomotives and new wagons. The project was defined and current state described, including strategic trends of SR development. All needs were defined and the current state and passenger and freight transport demand analyzed for the period to 2020. Technical specifications for multi-system electric locomotives and survey of series and types of some up-to-date electric locomotives used in our country are presented. The report includes technical description of four-axle sliding-side wagons of aluminum designed for axle load of 22.5 t, Habbillnss-(z) series and guidelines for maintenance of new railway vehicles, procurement of equipment, spare parts and training of staff. Economic feasibility assessment and sensitivity analysis for procurement of new multi-system electric locomotives and wagons were made as well.