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General and Preliminary Designs of the E-70 Highway – Belgrade Bypass

Realization: 2006 - 2008

The designs include  35.1 km long bypass, from Bubanj Potok via Vinča to Pančevo, a road-railway bridge over the Danube River near Vinča, as well as 4 grade-separated junctions.

The design is prepared fully in accordance with criteria obtained from competent authorities, traffic needs and comprehensive on-field investigations with the purpose to obtain rational technical, technological and spatial and urban solutions including protection of nature and cultural monuments within the studied corridor.

The key point identified within the corridor is the road-railway bridge over the Danube River, which, according to its technical and economic parameters is considered to be the most important structure on this infrastructure corridor.

The central structure of the bridge above the Danube River is composed of 4 truss simple beams, 600 m long in total.