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Final Design of the E-80 Highway, Čiflik – Staničenje Section

Realization: 2011

This section that integrates the E-80 Highway is 12.07 km long and designed for the speed of 120 km/h. The section has 4 traffic lanes, 2 emergency lanes and the central reserve.

This section runs over the existing M1.12 National Road, class 1, and follows the valley of Nišava River. The studied corridor also include Niš-Dimitrovgrad Railway Line.

Since the section lies within the corridor of the existing road M1.12 National Road, this road is planned to be widened to the width of 10.70 m and used as right carriageway, while new left carriageway need to be constructed as well as 4 bridges and 4 overpasses including two types of supporting structures - retaining walls and retaining structures of reinforced earth. Noise barriers shall be installed to protect the area against traffic-originated noise.