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Final Design of the E-763 Highway, Sector II: Ljig-Požega, Section 3: Takovo – Preljina

Realization: 2011

This 17 km long highway section has 4 traffic lanes, 2 emergency lanes and 4 m wide central reserve. The first segment of the section, from its beginning to ''Brđanska'' Canyon, is designed for the speed of 100 km/h, while the second segment of the section, along Dičina River, is capable to support the speed of 120 km/h.

The studied section also includes ''Preljina'' grade-separated junction and 3 tunnels, one 1 km long, together with 25 bridges over Dičina River, among which 6 are longer than 100 m.

In addition, two rest areas provided with complete services for both passenger and freight traffic together with accompanying infrastructure will be also provided.