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General and Preliminary Designs of the E-763 Highway, Belgrade-Obrenovac Section along the left bank of the Sava River

Realization: 2010- 2011

The designs include 17.6 km long Surčin-Obrenovac Section with 4 traffic lanes, 2 emergency lanes and the central reserve for the speed of 120 km/h as well as 9.4 km long New Belgrade-Surčin thoroughfare, designed for the speed of 80 km/h.

The designs also include two grade-separated junctions: Surčin interchange (at the point of intersection with the Belgrade by-pass) and Obrenovac interchange (at the point of crossing with M-19 road).

The alignment is also planned to be provided with the bridge over the Sava and Kolubara Rivers that will be situated at the point of confluence of these rivers. The bridge will be 1766 m long, and will be constructed as steel structure with central span.

This alignment completely bypasses urban areas and together with the designed city arterial, from the Belgrade bypass to Vojvođanska and Jurija Gagarina Streets, enables connection of the Belgrade - South Adriatic Highway and the city of Belgrade itself.

It is worth mentioning that this highway section completely bypasses landslide area on the right bank of the Sava River and accepts traffic from the highway via the top-capacity arterials in New Belgrade and enables its further distribution toward old Belgrade and suburban settlements on the left Danube River bank via the present and new bridges (Ada Bridge and Zemun - Borča Bridge).