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Preliminary and Final Designs of the E-761 Highway, Pojate-Kruševac (Koševi) Section

Realization: 2011 and 2012

This highway is very important for the Republic of Serbia since it connects central parts of the country with the East-West regions. Desire to strengthen links between big cities situated in the valley of Zapadna Morava River and Corridor X (E-75 Highway) as well as the future Corridor XI (E-763 highway), has imposed need for preparation of design and technical documentation for the E-761 Highway.

Pojate - Preljina Section connects territories of seven municipalities and towns (Ćićevac, Varvarin, Trstenik, and Vrnjačka Banja Municipalities and Kruševac and Čačak Towns) where about 467,000 inhabitants live.

Pojate - Kruševac Section, i.e. sectors 1, 2 and 3, connect the territory of three local communities (Ćićevac and Varvarin Municipalities and Kruševac Town) with 158,000 inhabitants.

The highway section, 27.8 km long and 30.0 m wide, with 4 traffic lanes, 2 emergency lanes, and central reserve is designed to support the speed of 130 km/h.

The section also includes 4 grade-separated junctions planned for reconstruction works ("Pojate", "Ćićevac", "Kruševac" East and "Kruševac" West), as well as construction of 25 bridges in the total length of 4 000 m.

Since the alignment of the future highway will run through the valley of Velika and Zapadna Morava Rivers and intersect numerous tributaries, stabilization and improvement of Jovanovačka, Vrtarska, Rasina and Pepeljuša Rivers will be carried out.