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Belgrade - Bar railway line


The Belgrade - Bar railway line is a single-track line for combined transport. It was constructed and put in operation in phases in the period 1952 - 1976.

The railway line is 454.8 km long, 287.4 km on the territory of Serbia and 167.1 km on the territory of Montenegro. The minimum curve radius is 300 m, design speed is 80-120 km/h and axial load is 22.5 t. The maximum gradient on the railway line is 25 per mille (on the Podgorica - Kolašin section). The highest point on the line is the town of Kolašin (at 1,030 m.a.s.l.) while the lowest point is the town of Bar (12 m.a.s.l.).

The railway line passes through 254 tunnels, which total length is 144.4 km, namely 24% of the railway line runs through tunnels. The longest tunnels are "Sozina" of 6176 m and "Zlatibor" of 6169 m. On the Belgrade - Bar railway line 234 concrete or steel bridges in total length of 14,600 m were designed. Due to landscape diversity and various obstacles, different structural concepts were applied to bridges built out of concrete and steel or a combination of both. Due to very demanding field conditions, many of bridges on the Belgrade - Bar railway line are the greatest design and civil engineering masterpieces. The best example for this assertion is "Mala Rijeka" Railway Bridge with the highest piers in Europe. "Mala Rijeka" Bridge is 498 m long and its height above the river level is 200 m. The railway line passes through 73 stations with tracks in total length of 158 km. The line is equipped with signaling, interlocking and telecommunication systems and fully electrified with 25 kV, 50 Hz single-phase system.


According to the European Agreement on Main International Railway Lines (AGC), the Belgrade - Bar railway line belongs to international railway network of "E" lines. In the AGC Agreement the number E-79 was given to the Belgrade - Bar railway line.

It connects the most important world sea routes (America, Mediterranean, Middle East and Far East) to main European railway lines. In the European network, the Belgrade - Bar railway line connects the Mediterranean Basin to the following railway lines:

- E-70, Paris - Milan - Zagreb - Belgrade - Sofia - Istanbul - Ankara;

- E-85, Budapest - Subotica - Belgrade - Niš (Kraljevo) - Skopje - Thessaloniki - Athens;

- E-66, Belgrade - Vršac - Timisoara, which is via E-56, Budapest - Timisoara - Bucharest railway line connected to the following main lines: E-50, Paris - Zurich - Vienna - Budapest - Kiev - Moscow and E-95, Moscow - Bucharest - Sofia.

The Belgrade - Bar railway line is the shortest railway link connecting south part of Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean Sea to European Corridor Xand ports on the Danube River (Corridor VII). Pan-European Corridors X and VII adjoin one another in Belgrade.

The railway line is the only link between Albanian railways and Europe.

This railway line in the national network, together with railway lines on the Corridor X, is a backbone of the railway system.