Retaining Walls

Numerous designs of retaining structures that secure the steep cuts of natural slopes, embankments and foundation pits were developed in the Institute of Transportation CIP. Different types of retaining structures are applied based on the problem identified on the particular location: walls made of plain and reinforced concrete, gabion walls, pile-supported structures, diaphragm walls, reinforced earth, and anchoring system for slope protection. The representative example of this type of structures is a retaining wall made of reinforced earth on the bypass around Ovčar Banja.

According to the design, segment of the road between the newly designed bridge and the tunnel is situated on the embankment which due to the restricted space had to be provided with vertical retaining structure of significant height. The most rational solution proposed by the Institute of Transportation CIP was to build the structure made of reinforced earth and composed of rock and/or earth filling, geogrid and related segments.

From the tunnel to the bridge, the structure is 165 m long, while length on the approach ramp on the right river bank is 28 m. The maximum height of the structure next to abutments is 8.80 m. At the moment, this structure is considered to be the highest structure of this type in the Balkans.
Works on the bypass were completed and the section was put into operation in 2007.