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Geotechnical investigations, testing and preparation of geotechnical documentation

The Institute of Transportation CIP possesses the relevant equipment and employs professionals capable to prepare all type of designs (General, Preliminary and Final designs) and perform engineering-geological and geotechnical investigations for  the purpose of designing the highways, roads, railway and tram lines, bridges, tunnels, residential and commercial buildings.

It is worth mentioning that ground instabilities identified along the railway lines have been investigated by CIPs experts. We emphasizenumerous landslides along the Belgrade-Bar Railway Line out of which the most important and the most extensive ones are those in Prijepolje Station, then ''Druglći'' Landslide at the segment of the line between Priboj and Prijepolje including but not limited to landslides near Užice and other. 

Geotechnical investigations are also performed for the purpose of rehabilitation of different ground instabilities. During the past ten years, the most extensive investigations were performed in 2006 when Serbia was badly hit by heavy rainfalls which resulted in activation of numerous landslides. Geotechnical investigations were performed on twenty locations hit by heavy rains out of which the most prominent are as follows: Bogdanje Village near Trstenik, Novi Pazar, Ljig, numerous locations in villages near Kraljevo and Kruševac, landslide near Majdanpek, and other.