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About us


Owing to its future-oriented business policy, the Institute of Transportation CIP is today one of the biggest and most important research, design and engineering companies in the Republic of Serbia, reliable partner of government institutions, local and foreign companies, faculties and agencies. 

In the course of 130 years of business operations we have gained high reputation in the market thanks to wide experience of recognized experts and constant development of research work and investing in young and talented experts. Development requires investments in knowledge and therefore traditionally one of our priorities is investing in young and talented personnel. We remain a synonym for high concentration of know-how and a team of top experts ready to find the most rational solutions for the most complex projects.

The Institute of Transportation CIP, with its optimum blend of the long tradition, experience and the most modern world trends and achievements, is today a formula of business efficiency, promptness, quality and trust. We have managed to be one of the world-class design companies with good results both in scientific-research and design work.    

For us, the tradition is a firm foundation for successful business operations and thanks to past projects we are now highly recognized in the market. It also obliges us to remain the leading company in the country in our field of business.